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Buzz words in CVs – clichés or a clever way to get you noticed?

Buzz words are those classic terms that stand out in a conversation or written form– but sometimes they can seem a bit too obvious, or cliché. The term ‘buzz word’ itself can make you cringe, so lets stick to ‘key word’ for now – it could be the difference between you getting contacted about your ideal job, and being completely overlooked.

Recruiters use a wide variety of database systems, some of which offer excellent searching tools – ours at BCL allows us to search on all manner of criteria. Keyword searches are used daily. We want to see instantly the key skills that our clients are looking for. The skill of CV writing comes when you add in key words that will get you noticed.

Including keywords in your CV seems like a really obvious thing to do but you would be surprised at how many candidates do not use these terms in their applications. In relation to commercial property for example, we often see CVs summarising experience as "general commercial property matters". Our clients might require experience in "development work" or "plot sales".

Do not underestimate the power of the CV in securing you an interview. Writing a CV is about including key words that will not only attract a potential employer, but allow your recruitment consultant to notice you instantly. Next time you see an advert for a role that would suit your experience down to a tee, take a look at your CV – does it include some of the key words that are in that job description? If it does, it is more than likely that you will be at the top of the list, giving you that all important edge over the competition.

For more information on CV writing please take a look at our website, or contact Rozie Rhodes on 0845 241 0933.

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