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Calling to speak about your next career move?

Here is some advice on how to get the most out of your call…

“Good morning/afternoon BCL Legal Lauren speaking”….. Is how you’ll first be introduced to me. I am the assistant to the consultants on the in-house team. I will be your first port of call when phoning to discuss your next career steps with the team.

As you can imagine I have heard it all… those who won’t disclose their name, those that won’t disclose their current employer, those that are calling on behalf of their wife/ husband and those that are not interested in speaking with me at all.

I am not judging because this is a very confidential call that you are making and if you are not comfortable in disclosing personal information that is fair enough but….In order for me to do the best for you… I need you to do the best for me! After working alongside my team for 5 years + I know what their reaction will be when I say the person at the other end of the phone will not disclose the following information:

- Name - Current employer - PQE - Area of law - Desired location

They won’t be motivated to stop what they are doing to speak to an anonymous caller. Everything that we do here at BCL Legal is done on a confidential basis - and if you can’t trust us, it is hard for us to build a relationship with you. Also, given that the majority of lawyers that do call us are comfortable in passing over these details it only highlights further your concern in doing so.

Next time you make an introductory call try and think about how you can help make your career call positive for both me and you!

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