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Cameron and Clarkson: The new anti fraud poster boys?

Even Jeremy Clarkson seems keen to highlight the so called “compensation culture”.  The last edition of Top Gear broadcast last Sunday saw Clarkson, May and Hammond highlighting the problem of fraudulent whiplash related claims during their News section.   His solution that claimants should be shot is thankfully not something that will not be allowed in the fight against fraud.

The debate on tackling fraudulent claims was entered into more seriously in the last couple of days by David Cameron as he asked for action to be taken to reduce the number of whiplash claims being made.  The following link shows the BBC’s summary of the debate

I specialise in recruiting into insurance related disciplined in private practice and it certainly seems that the big insurers are targeting fighting fraudulent claims more than ever. The largest fraud team in the country is based at Keoghs’ offices based in Horwich near Bolton.

An announcement was made in late January 2012 that they are looking to create up to 50 jobs this year in its counter-fraud services arm.  The insurance fraud specialist is planning the recruitment drive as it targets a 12 per cent increase in the number of claims it handles this year.  This is on top of Keoghs having adding 56 staff to its counter-fraud division in 2011, taking its team to more than 250.  Effectively it is looking to expand by up to 20 per cent in 2012!

In the last 3 months I have been instructed by 8 firms based in Greater Manchester with specialist defendant insurance fraud departments looking to recruit.  The demand for solicitors and non qualified fee earners to fight fraudulent claims is such that a large number of the vacancies currently advertised are open to claimant candidates looking to switch over into defendant work.

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