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What can I do if my job role changes?

Securing your dream job is a fantastic feeling: from the interview stage to your very first day. The main goal of any job search is to secure an opportunity with a firm that makes you happy and keeps you satisfied. However, sometimes the job you take mightn’t be all it seems, or, your responsibilities and workload can change over time; with the needs of the business.

Positive change

Sometimes a change in job role is a good thing – take mine for example. When I joined BCL Legal just over a year ago, I joined the residential conveyancing team, recruiting conveyancers across the Home Counties. However, over the past month, my job role has changed: I now focus on real estate, commercial and corporate solicitors in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and Sussex. I’ve learned new disciplines, developed a new way of working, and most importantly, built relationships with new clients. I’m enjoying the challenge and I’ll continue to do so in order to make it a success. Ultimately, the change is something I’ve agreed to and one that I’m happy with.

Not-so-positive change

Conversely, I’ve spoken to several solicitors over the past month who are unhappy with changes in their job role. For example, a real estate solicitor who qualified in commercial property to work on commercial property matters found that their caseload had become focused on residential work. Some might see this as a good change, but others not. If you’re the latter, what do you do?

My advice on unhappy change

In the first instance, speak to your employer. They might be oblivious to the fact you feel this way so a quick conversation could result in an easy fix.  However, if it’s a more deep-rooted issue e.g. they don’t have the work available, or they have too much work of the type you don’t enjoy (so you’re no longer in the job that you want), it’s time to get in touch with a recruiter.

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