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How can I make the most of a recruitment agency?

Someone once said “Recruiters and Police Officers have a lot in common when it comes to why we pulled you over...out of the clear blue.... Sometimes it's obvious. And you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used for or against you in our evaluation of you for jobs known and unknown at this time”

I appreciate there is a great deal of bad press related to recruitment and on the whole I would tend to agree with it. There are far too many agencies out there that utilise a model that is anything but consultative. The model that most agencies apply is volume orientated i.e. “if you throw enough mud on the wall… something will stick”. Unfortunately, it’s the actions of these few agencies that result in lack of trust from candidates in all agencies.

Here at BCL Legal we pride ourselves on our consultative nature. We take our role incredibly seriously and as illustrated by the depth of questioning and assessing the suitability of each role with our candidates, it is not in my best interest to place a candidate if I don’t whole heartedly believe that this role is right for him/her, in this game client and candidate satisfaction is key!

From the point of view of a consultative and honest recruiter, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure you make the most of your recruiter. On a weekly basis I speak to a number of candidates and the focus is always on finding them a new job. After speaking to the candidate in some detail about their current situation, sometimes it becomes apparent that a find a new job isn’t the ideal solution. As a consultant, my first and foremost priority is to do just that... provide consultation. Candidates often feel that they must convince us of their commitment to seeking a new job, and yes this important as we have the expectation of our clients to manage, but our chief concern is to find the right role for the candidate. It is okay to be unsure as long as you’re honest about it!

After a thorough discussion and obtaining your consent your consultant will submit an application and having assessed that this new role is the ideal solution, your consultant ought to be best placed to give you an overview of the market and the roles which are suited to you therein. There are certain steps that you can take that will help a great deal in streamlining this process.

- Honesty is key! It is important for me to understand exactly what it is that you want so that I am best placed to advise on the potential options available to you. - Be realistic. As a consultant, I have a solid understanding of the market and as such will be able to provide you with realistic and honest advice on the best options suited to you. You won’t always tick every box, so be prepared to give and take. E.g. If you’re looking for a retrain opportunity, you need to accept that you are probably going to have to take a pay cut to obtain this opportunity. - Evaluate. As a consultant my job is to help you to assess how and why the new role is a better fit to your circumstances than your old role. This includes understanding exactly why you want to move. It needs to work for you otherwise you’ll find yourself in the same boat up the same creek in 6 months down the line. - Commitment. Always try resolving your issue with your current employer before seeking pastures new. But if this doesn’t prove to be successful, you should be totally committed to looking elsewhere as your job should suit your needs! - Take the time to interview. Finding a new job takes time, you need be prepared to devote your lunches and evenings to the process. If you are not prepared to be flexible to attend interviews guess what? The person who does … will get the job that you want. - Be ruthless! There will come a point where you will probably be counter-offered by your current employer. At this point you need to question… why did I need to threaten to leave before I was valued?

A candidate asked me the other day ‘Do I need to accept the job after interviewing?’ Simply put, if the job isn’t right, it isn’t right. That’s fine; really no one will mind… that is what the interview process is for! If it isn’t the job for you and this is handled in the right way the door can always be left open.

If you have been honest throughout the recruitment process everyone will know where they stand (you included!) and will have done from the moment your prospective employer heard your name. Everyone involved in your job search will have been working towards the same goal, helping you find a career defining opportunity.

At BCL Legal we provide a consultative service and will take the time to discuss and understand the shortfall within your current role and provide you with a selection of suitable options. We will seek to help improve your situation, perhaps you’re unhappy with the stature of firm you work for, the quality of work you handle, the culture you work in or seek a better work-life-balance. We will always attempt to negotiate the best salary and find you a role which offers personal growth and development. It’s certainly not a bad time to consider your options.

If you are actively seeking a move away from your current role or would be interested in having a discussion regarding potential roles within the personal injury or insurance markets, please contact BCL Legal or call 0845 241 0933.

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