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How can I secure an interview?

Once you've made the decision to find a new job, the next step is making sure you get the opportunity to meet with a range of firms that interest you. You want to be sure you've extensively explored the market/what’s on offer to you. Firstly, this ensures you’re making an informed decision. Secondly, it can help clarify (in your own mind) what’s driving your job search.

So, how do you go about securing these interviews? In a perfect world, everywhere your CV goes will result in an interview; whilst that’s sometimes the case, you need to know you've done everything at your end to put yourself in that position.

Tips for securing interviews

- Prepare various drafts of your CV – each version highlighting various skill-sets

- Partner with an experienced recruiter who has specialist knowledge of your chosen sector and location. A good legal recruiter will offer invaluable insight into the location and firms

- Meet with your recruitment consultant. If you’re approaching firms through an agency you need to know whether your consultant can ‘sell’ your experience appropriately. A quick coffee with them at the outset of your search helps them get to know you, but most importantly you’ll know whether you trust them!

- If you’re a junior candidate, it's worth explaining why you're choosing that particular practice area - what have you enjoyed about it

- If you’re an experienced candidate, consider other duties. Are you mentoring juniors/involved in interviewing/taking an active role in business development etc.? Also, are you conveying this additional expertise in your CV?

Securing an interview can be the most laborious and nerve-racking part of the job-hunting process. The control is slightly out of your hands so it's imperative you (and your recruiter) do all that’s possible to get you in front of the hiring partners.

If you’re considering exploring the job market in your location and/or practice area, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential discussion about the options available to you. 

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