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Can you juggle your offers/interviews? Should you?

There is an etiquette that lurks unseen in the recruiting world around receiving an offer, what happens if you have other options on the table? Are you able to juggle your offers/interviews and come out of the scenario unscathed on a professional level? You risk either not making a decision based on all the facts or making it look like you are not interested. The best policy, as ever, is honesty.

If also really helps if you are honest and upfront with your recruiter who can then help and chase things up for you if necessary. Working with a recruiter also gives you a greater insight into, and control over, the whole process. We really are here to help and you will have a lot more contact with the client by using us, certainly as compared to direct applications handled by HR. Here are some examples of situations I`ve experienced:

Scenario 1: Fabulous news from a company you like, the offer has come in and it is exactly what you asked for from the very beginning. However, it turns out you have been a busy bee in the job market and have one more interview lined up........What now?

It depends. Of course every situation is different and you can only play the game as you see fit. A lot will hinge around how you feel about both businesses and the timeframe involved, is the gap between you receiving an offer and going to your next interview a week? 2 weeks? a month? I think if it is more than a week then you are standing into danger of losing your original offer and looking like you are just waiting for a better opportunity to come along. Secondary to this is that any company that has made you an offer will have to provide feedback to the other applicants and they won’t wish to burn their bridges in-case you turn around and turn their offer down. You may have to make a decision without all the facts.

Scenario 2: The company you want hasn’t got back to you but your least preferred one has……What now?

This one is easy, get in touch with the company which is your preference immediately. Simply explain that you have an offer and that you need to make a decision within a week. If the company is interested in you then it is likely they`ll expedite any process in order to fit you in before they risk the possibility of losing you.

Scenario 3: You are in the enviable positon of having offers on the table from 2 or more businesses. Which to choose?

When dealing with more than one offer, it sounds simple but make a list of pros and cons for each. This will help you see the differences more clearly and make a better decision. Also consider the long-term benefits not just the short term cash rush!

While any employer who makes an offer is obviously interested in hiring you, the way you handle salary, other offers and benefit negotiation will reflect on your potential as an employee just as much as the interview. Be professional, tactful, and well-prepared, just as you would in a work situation.

For more information contact Mike Huggins at BCL Legal.

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