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You can’t judge a book by its cover

I studied law at university with the sole aim of becoming a qualified solicitor. I am proud of the fact that I accomplished that goal and had a very interesting a fulfilling career in the law. I gained many additional skills, which, in spite of my academic background, can only be taught in practice.

As with everything in life, things change, your aspirations, your financial goals and your motivations, these things all shift as we get older and sometimes, like me, you realise that you are ambling down a career path simply because it is the only thing you think you can do, or, the only thing you have ever done.

If this resonates with you maybe it is time to consider a change. Easy right?

Before I became a recruitment consultant I had a very clear presumption on what it would be like working in that kind of industry. I had met recruitment consultants; I’d heard the stories of the work hard play hard culture. I’d seen the shiny shoes, and designer suits the fast cars. I didn’t want to work in a cut throat, ego driven environment. I was quite happy not playing beer pong on a Tuesday lunch time… to my mind that was what recruitment was all about and it wasn’t for me.

How wrong could I be? I realised this at my very first interview with BCL. The picture painted to me was very different. After a very professional discussion about my experience, the recruitment process and particularly BCL’s values I was sure there must be a catch. Three months later I’m still waiting for the catch.

Yes you will be expected to work hard (but isn’t that the aim in any job?), you will be rewarded for your hard work both professionally and financially and you will have plenty of opportunity to socialise and be part of a team. Forget the ego driven/cut throat environment, you will be working in a very adult and responsible workplace where you are supported at both team and management level.

BLC are currently recruiting and for anyone considering a career in recruitment I would say put aside any preconceptions you may have and have an informal discussion with Rob Barklamb our director of talent. You never know it may be the start of a whole new career.

For more information contact Emma Fielding at BCL Legal.

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