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There is a growing number of solicitors who choose to be ‘career locums’ but what does that phrase actually mean? In a nutshell, a locum is a lawyer who undertakes short-term assignments such as covering annual or sick leave of a permanent staff member.

Locum assignments can last anything from a few hours, weeks or even months. More likely that not, a locum solicitor will be self-employed or work through a limited company and charge an hourly rate for their service. Rates for experienced locum solicitors in private practice across London tend to range from £28 to £40 per hour for short-term assignments.

There is an expectation for a locum solicitor to hit the ground running the moment they enter their new office, often picking up a heavy caseload with minimal supervision so perhaps, it is not surprising that most locums are solicitors with an extensive PQE under their belt. However, there are also those solicitors who are actively looking to secure a permanent role but in the interim, undertake locum assignments to meet their financial commitments.

So why would someone choose this career path? Many career locums value the flexibility, independence, better work life balance and diversity of the work and geographical locations. Some fear that locum work may lack security and career prospects but this perception can be challenged by the high number of successful career locum solicitors that receive repeat bookings often months in advance through BCL Legal.

BCL Legal receives regular instructions from law firms in need of locum solicitors across London so if you would like to discuss current locum opportunities or are simply looking to explore this market and need more advice.

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