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My colleague and I attended a Leavers Fair based at the University of Law in Moorgate. This was a fantastic opportunity for us who specialise in recruiting into the London Private Practice market to meet with recent LPC graduates who were ready to kick start their legal career in London . Whilst it was extremely beneficial for us to meet and interact with graduates who can become active candidates on our books, it was also very worthwhile for them!

Why it is beneficial to attend careers fairs…

Building up a network Career fairs are fantastic opportunities for networking as there are a number of potential contacts who already work in your chosen field, as well as people who are seeking employment like yourself who want to succeed.

Job Openings Recruiters at career fairs will likely inform you of job openings and their hiring processes. This is a great way to find out first hand what types of jobs are out in the market at present and although there may not be instant opening for you, if you make an impression worth remembering, they might call you when a suitable vacancy does appear.

Industry Info Career fairs offer a chance to learn general information about your chosen industry and get an idea of the areas in the market that are buoyant. It is also a good way to speak with different recruiters to find out the types of roles they recruit for and areas they specialise in.

Key tips for candidates attending careers fairs: Bring plenty of CVs or business cards to pass along your contact information, and be prepared to talk about you. You should be willing to discuss your talents, skills, experience and education. Have a good sense of what position you want, and what you can bring to the role.

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