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'Character' needed for young people to get top jobs

A recent article announced that 'young people who lack “grit” and “resilience” are less likely to achieve their potential in the jobs market, according to a new study'.

Without wanting to come across as older than my years a recent example of assisting a client with a junior level role made me question the thinking of many young people who are just starting out in their (legal) career.

A highly accomplished head of legal had recently moved to a new organisation as sole in house lawyer. She had built up a small and very effective legal team in her previous role and I knew her as someone who cared very much about developing people. So, when she came to me asking for assistance in finding her someone at the start of their career to help her I thought I would be inundated with interest. In reality this was not the case.

All the client was looking for was a person with a desire to work in law, good grades/university degree with their LPC completed or nearly completed and of course a positive can-do attitude.

The client called five for interview. Two cancelled prior to the meeting. One decided the role wouldn't pay enough for her (£18k!!) and the other decided to stay put in their current non legal role as the business had moved his temporary contract to a permanent one. Both decisions were a little short-sighted in my view given the potential opportunity on offer.

When it came to offering the role to the lady that has now subsequently started with them I wasn't surprised. From my initial call with her she was the most can do and positive individual of all whom I spoke with. Although not based in commuting distance to the client she saw the opportunity for what it was and in short made it happen for herself. She has gone from being the same as hundreds like her- at the end of completing her LPC with no experience to being the number 2 in a growing legal team with an amazing mentor.

Well done Alice, you will be one to watch in the future, I am sure of it!

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