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Chateauneuf de pap

Recruitment and wine are two things that go together remarkably well I dare say. Not that we drink at work of course, although I can’t say I haven’t thought about it from time to time. I like wine although I am by no means a connoisseur, and I enjoy working in recruitment although I am not yet an expert. I like to think I am versed enough in the wrath of the grapes to pick a decent enough bottle at dinner, depending on what you’re eating of course. I also feel that I am experienced enough as a recruiter to offer my candidates and clients the right guidance.

On some points a sommelier (or the keep behind the counter at the local off-licence) might argue differently but in my opinion there are simple rules to follow when it comes to wine:

1. There are significant differences between Champagne, Prosecco, and Sparkling Wine. 2. Cost doesn’t always mean quality. 3. Nobody really knows (or cares) what tannins are. 4. Do not mix white and red, this does not make a rose (a funny story that I’ll save for another blog). 5. If you like it, drink it (responsibly of course…)

Similarly, some might argue otherwise, but there are simple rules to follow when it comes to recruitment:

1. Know your audience. This refers to both candidates and clients alike, making sure you understand the person you’re interviewing or interviewing with is crucial in determining whether or not this particular role would be the right fit. 2. Cost doesn’t always mean quality. While the higher salary might seem appealing what is this going to cost you in terms of time, work loads, future progression, a work life balance etc. 3. Tell the truth. Trust me when I tell you, if you are sitting in front of a partner talking to them about why you want to join the firm and do this particular job then you really ought to be honest about what you want to achieve and why you’re in this position now. 4. Try to avoid confusion. You may have multiple interviews with different firms close together and of course a large part of my job is to help you manage this process. That being said, try not to walk into an interview with a firm and ask to see a partner at another firm. 5. If you like it then go for it. There are always going to be questions about the next move, certain doubts and fears but sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith. Again, my job is to help you and to guide you but ultimately the decision is yours. If you have a good feeling about it then go for it.

Like a good sommelier guiding you on the best wine to have that will compliment your meal, we will guide you towards the right new role. Your choice in wine is important, I’ve seen many a chicken dinner ruined with a bottle of Rioja rather than Sancerre. Much like you next career move is important, so think of us like the sommelier or the Waitrose wine guide; we’re here to help.

For more information, please contact Gishan Abeyratne at BCL Legal.

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