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Claimant PI on the demise? I don’t think so!

Since the recession hit it has largely been doom and gloom when one would talk about claimant personal injury, firms closing, redundancies, the aftermath that hit following the reforms!

We soon found many firms were being squeezed out of the market place and quickly selling their WIP to better established firms. Some took the view that this was not conducive for small businesses however to my mind this seems a logical olive branch offered to firms that would not have otherwise survived.

The article below in the Gazette is testament to large commercial practices merging with other firms to create more jobs and expand the claimant market and statistics show that profit margins are on the rise! So not only is there more work to provide a consistent stream of work but it’s highly profitable.

Mergers don’t always mean there will be new jobs immediately available because it takes time for the firms that have merged to reassess the business model, instil new processes and provide a new recruitment plan for the future.

At BCL Legal we like to stay ahead of the curve and speak to individuals to discuss any concerns that they have in their current role and provide you with a selection of options that will:-

A) Improve the quality of firm you work for B) Improve the quality of work you handle C) Improve the quality of environment that you work in to provide better work-life-balance D) Improve on salary and benefits E) Last but not least provide you with a stable and secure position

If you are a personal injury solicitor that is keen to secure a long term and stable position with a reputable practice be it in a claimant or defendant role please contact BCL Legal or call 0161n 819 7475 to have a private and confidential chat.

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