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Combat The Competition

We all know that getting the perfect solicitor to sign on the dotted line can be a long and difficult road. From receiving the perfect CV, to interviewing and subsequently offering can be an arduous journey. But you’ve made it. Offer accepted, happy days. But perhaps the most difficult part of the process is still ahead: the notice period.  The current firm is at a distinct advantage over the coming months.  There’s time to make those all important changes of which prompted your soon-to-be solicitor to turn their head in the first place, they’ve dangled a carrot too good to refuse.  For some people, leaving a job can be quite a traumatic experience, particularly when they play the loyalty card. Peer-pressure can play quite a significant part in a lawyers decision to remain; farewell lunches, trips down memory lane.  There’s often the trepidation of ‘better the devil you know’ and just about the right amount of time for your prospective employee to withdraw.

Unfortunately, all of these things happen. And whilst we do our utmost to ensure we cover off all of these eventualities with our candidates, the reality is external influences often prevail. For tips and hints on how to ensure your prospective employee remains positive and walks through the door on day one follow the simple steps below to Combat The Competition.

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