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Coming out of lockdown...

So after 12 long months in a totally new virtual world we are now slowing getting ready to join the ‘real world’ again….

Are you ready to switch your jogging pants and hoody for your office uniform???

I think we are all so relieved to have some light at the end of the tunnel and we able to do more normal things but for many people also find that the idea of returning to old routines, or doing things that we haven’t done for a while, can cause anxiety or stress.

For most of us we have made the best of being at home, for a lot of us it has elevated some of the juggling pressures of the big commute, juggling the kids and trying to get to work on time. However to have the option to leave the house and actually meet someone face to face will be a massive shift! For some of us now used to the confines of our home this will be a little more tricky.

While some people will want to take every opportunity to get out, others feel hesitant or reluctant about socialising. It took us a while to adapt to a new way of living during lockdown, it may take some time to adapt to life changing again. Its important to remember this is ok! we have all had very unique journeys in the last 12 months and all have very different  emotions surrounding the situation, so its important to be honest and go at a pace you feel comfortable with.

It can be helpful to remember that it’s up to you what your transition from lockdown looks like. Sometimes small adjustments can be easier to adapt to than large, sudden changes. You can add activities and habits back into your routine at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

As more employers begin to open their workplaces, you may be thinking about making the change from working at home to going back out to work.

It’s important to remember employers across the board have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure everyone can work safety and feel good about being around people.  Most firms are emerging with their plans and most offering more of a mix of agile working.

Life is certainly very different moving forward and most feel this switch in pace to allowing staff more flexibility is a positive change for the better.

This is quite a nice article on some coping strategies for those who might just need that extra support getting back to the new normal.


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