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Katherine Scarff
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Commitment to the process

Do you want a new job? Do you often think is the grass greener on the other side? Well sometimes it can be. The question is are you ready?

In my experience of recruitment have lost count of the amount of conversations I have had with candidates who will spend a so much time with me, sometimes up to an hour telling me how much they want to move and look for that new job. Then surprisingly the next day they vanish? Sound familiar? Welcome to a candidate driven market.

We won’t bite you know, we want to help! If your situation does change and believe you me for someone with good experience this can happen within the hour, the market moves that fast! Be honest with your recruiter and let them know. Tell them the truth, they will be very grateful even if it is quite not what you want to tell them. Often for many the process can be overwhelming and it does take time to find a job. The time we spend as a recruiter chasing candidates for interviews, trying to understand your needs, I honestly think any candidate would be very surprised. Remember we are on your side!

The end goal is to get you out of your current situation and in to something better! Why wouldn't you speak to the one person who can actually help you, influence decisions and in the long run get you a lot more than you expected.

In the property market it’s definitely a candidate driven market place with good candidates on average being called in for four interviews. The question is, are you ready for it? The job search is a job in its self and if you can’t make time as you are committed to your current employer and you have a dentist appointment that week which takes precedence then it is probably best to leave it and stay where you, are which is fine! The candidates who want a job will get one and get it fast as they are committed, have passion and are keen to develop. The question is are you?

If you are keen to move on and have a passion for a fast paced growing sector then get in touch with Katherine Scarff at BCL Legal to find out more about all of our vacancies in residential property on 0113 323 4904.

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