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Committed to the cause. Why being thoughtful and honest will make all the difference.

With the property market at its busiest for many years, there are definitely more choices when considering a move. Conveyancers are high in demand and candidates now have a plethora of options; small firm, large firm, ABS, volume conveyancer…..But is it really advisable for you to hedge your bets in accepting one job, before jumping ship prior to it setting sail for another which could be the holy grail?

Well the simple answer is NO. Remember that this could be a firm that you wish to revisit in the future. The head of department will often move and with that in mind, could come across your CV again. The residential property market is smaller than you might think and these are very possible scenarios. Years after not starting a job you had previously accepted could very well come back to haunt you and is likely to leave a very bitter after-taste. Employers are generally very thorough in their approach to the recruitment process, having invested both time and money in interviewing, infrastructure and training. It is advisable to fully consider if a role is right for you and ensure that you are fully committed before informing the firm of your acceptance. Moving jobs is a very important decision so fully assess the salary, location, potential travel costs and career progression opportunities. This is where we come in. We will tell you all of this at the outset, and if there is something we haven’t covered- ask us. Be honest and tell us your concerns, there may be a way around it. Remember, reputation can be everything in the legal world and you’ve worked too hard to damage it.

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