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How does communication impact my law firm?

Effective communication is such a vital tool for any business owner, it can be the difference between sealing and missing out on a potential opportunity, between your business succeeding or failing or even the potential success of a client’s case.

It is particularly important in law farms where there are so many different stakeholders. Effective communication with clients isn’t something that most lawyers give much thought to, with the importance of clear communication often being discussed but very rarely practised. In the absence of effective communication, lawyer-client relationships disintegrate rapidly.

The same can be said when you are looking to bring on board new employees, it is so important that you keep open a really good line of communication because strong communication skills, based around a simple understanding of human psychology, are essential to a successful and lasting relationships.

At interview stage you expect them to know their experience and talk through their CV and likewise you should be able to clearly explain in detail about your company and answer any questions they may have, whether that be about your services or where they will fit into your company structure or even how they will progress. It is crucial to communicate effectively to ensure your firm achieves its goals.

Communication is also important within your business as it can help to foster a good working relationship between you and your staff, which can in turn improve morale and efficiency and in effect ensure you retain your best employees!

You must also remember that effective communication also includes having the ability to listen, process and adjust any answer you may give based on the previous thread of conversation.

BCL Legal can help your business to grow, or give you an idea where you might be going wrong in your recruitment process and/or your ability to retain your staff.

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