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As a conveyancer what roles are available to me if I don’t want to carry a caseload?

As a recruitment consultant I am often speaking with people who have established a successful career within residential conveyancing but are at a stage where they no longer want the pressures of handling a full case load. Sometimes this has got to the point where they may even be considering leaving the law altogether.

There are lots of opportunities out there where the skills gained throughout a conveyancing career can be transferred, take recruitment for example! For some people a move away from the law is what they want but for others they simply want a move away from the pressures of conveyancing and just don’t know of any other roles available to them.

I have compiled a short list of options which may be worth considering if you have found yourself in this position.

Legal Skills Trainer:

Many firms have now recognised the importance of keeping staff up to date with changes in the law and the benefits of training staff in house. In light of this we are working with clients who are looking for experienced conveyancers who have the drive to inspire, train and motivate others in their career progression.

Technical Specialist:

For some of our clients this is an especially important role within the business. In this role you would be dealing with only the most complex and technical aspects of a conveyancing transaction and as such you wouldn’t have a full caseload. You would be on hand to assist others with technical queries and would be able to concentrate on the nitty gritty of the law.


We work with a number of firms who are looking for experienced conveyancers who have the ability to lead a team. In many instances this would be without having to deal with your own work. This would be ideal if you are looking to step away from fee earning and step towards management.

Conveyancing Assistant:

Although not for everyone we often speak to experienced conveyancers who, for one reason or another, want to step back from fee earning and take up an assistant position. This is sometimes due to the need attain more flexible working patterns or just for a break from the pressures of a caseload.

If you are thinking about a change but want to stay within conveyancing get in touch as there may be more opportunities out there than you would think.

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