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Vicky Clark
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Conveyancing is booming – how do you set your business apart so you can attract fantastic staff?

This week all the big names in property are in MIPIM and conveyancing is booming...

Here are BCL Legal's top 10 tips for property teams on how to market themselves and stand out from the crowd.

1. Despite what you'd think, it's not money that is the main motivator it's the working environment and the people within it that drives satisfaction in the workplace. Communicate your expectations and include your team in management decisions wherever appropriate. 2. Develop your IT systems and processes and then train your staff on how to use them. 3. Before you make any big changes, engage with your staff to get their opinion. If they understand the goals and have to chance to input they will be much more engaged from the outset. 4. Encourage team work and interaction across your teams and offices. Staff will gain a greater understanding of the purpose and goals of the business. 5. Ensure your team knows its value, feels safe and secure. A fully transparent, consistent and rewarding career development program is essential. 6. If you can, engage an in-house trainer so there is consistency across the business. My Home Move leads the way with its award winning training academies in Leicester and Manchester. 7. Set realistic caseloads, targets and don't be thrifty with rewards and benefits 8. Create values and live by them - don't just pay lip service. It creates a common language unique to your organisation. 9. Recognise hard work and regularly reward those that go the extra mile. 9. When your teams are working at full capacity don’t pile more work on. Morale will come crashing down quickly. Please contact Vicky Clark or call BCL Legal and we will help you to recruit…. 10. Don’t underestimate the importance of a fun working environment. As Dale Carnegie said “People rarely succeed unless they enjoy what they’re doing”

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