Vicky Clark
Vicky Clark
Director: Private Practice

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Could you work with your sister?

A lot of people can be funny about working with their relatives… What if we fall out? What if one of us has to leave the company? What if we argue? Here at BCL Legal we have two sisters, two married couples as well as two cousins working together in our various offices.. Now I’m not saying it’s in ‘perfect harmony’ but I think the reason it works is that everything is very transparent and completely fair. We put a lot of value on giving everyone complete autonomy and responsibility to do their bit of the jigsaw that makes the business work. We also work very hard to get better together. We’re honest and we want each other to succeed and be happy. Last year we spent three days as a management group determining what it is about BCL Legal that makes it work, what makes us good at what we do and what we need to do to get better - ourselves and as a business. What came out was a whole new set of values. We have our values indoctrinated all the way from our offers of employment to new staff to the writing on the glass walls in our offices. We talk about them in our weekly meetings, across the desk in our open plan offices, at lunch, in our end of month meetings, in managers meetings, at our end of quarter meetings with the entire business as well as at the end of year presentation and party. They are constant, we are living them and I hope we are all happy.

And our BCL family just keeps getting bigger. Right now we have 11 out of our 53 team nationally who have either just had a baby, about to have a baby or recently announced they are expecting. Luckily we have a very strong team ethos here. Each person has a mentor and a buddy so we all know each others’ clients really well. This ensures that the person returning to work has a seamless transition and is able to get back to looking after their clients as soon as possible.

We wish all the BCL mums, dads and babies all the very best at this most special time.

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