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Counter offers - Deal-breakers?

‘There is nothing like knowing you have a real opportunity to affect the future in a positive way’

Opportunities seem to be being grasped everywhere; your colleague getting that promotion that secretly you thought you were in line for, you’re toasting your sister-in law around the Sunday roast for the second time this year as she climbs higher up the ladder and yet through a genuine smile all you can think is when is it going to happen for me?

Opportunity finally knocks and you find yourself accepting your new dream role with less of a commute, more responsibility and a better salary! You are delighted and looking forward to a positive new future! Then, out of nowhere you are hit with a counter offer from your current employer and suddenly you are worth that extra bit of salary that you wanted! All of a sudden they recognise the reason to keep you and make promises of change.

However, if you begin to second-guess your acceptance of the new job and consider accepting your manager’s counter offer think about what else would change if you stayed…?

Obviously you will enjoy the extra bit of money but will anything else actually change?? Review each of your reasons for wanting to move jobs and take a genuine and honest look at your deal-breaker issues. Will they somehow magically disappear if you accepted the counter offer? No chance, or at least highly unlikely. So politely turn to your manager and say “No, thank you” to that counter offer. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

In the residential property market you are spoilt for choice with conveyancing opportunities which offer high profile projects for you to get stuck into, career progression and further development. The main elements of an offer you need consider are the future of your career and how this new opportunity which has come knocking can influence and improve your quality of life both at work and personally! Not a role in which you have been treading water.

If you are keen to explore how BCL Legal can engage your future career in residential property please do get in touch with Grace Homer at BCL Legal on 0121 237 5613.

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