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CV Accuracy

CV Accuracy

When it comes to putting together a CV accuracy and honesty are key.  Dates of employment, role responsibilities, academics and even interests need to not only be relevant to the role your are applying for but most importantly truthful.

As a legal recruitment agent who handles defendant personal injury and claimant personal injury positions it is my role to qualify an applicants CV to really understand their experience so I can match it to suitable insurance opportunities I am working on.  When a CV comes to me there is some information I will take as given - that you are who you say you are.  Everything else needs to be questioned not only to ensure we best represent you in the insurance litigation market place by truly understanding your experience but to install credibility in our role as a recruiter.

A CV needs to be accurate, with start and finish dates for every employment as well as including detailed bullet points of duties and responsibilities (roughly 8 bullet points for every role over two years).  If something is on your cv you must be prepared to answer questions on it.

Our clients have increasing pressures from their own clients to not only meet agreed service levels but to exceed them.  Therefore the quality of candidate is at the forefront of a hiring partner's mind with the CV being the first introduction we make.

Screening and vetting processes upon receipt of a job offer are getting tougher going back into not only your employment history but your address history and in some instances credit history.  Mistakes regarding dates or academics are either careless or dishonest - neither qualities you would look for in a future employee.

Having recently dealt with a candidate who had an offer withdrawn due to a small mistake on their CV I have had first had experience of the problems inaccurate CVs cause.  For advise on your CV please contact a specialist legal recruitment consultant at BCL Legal .

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