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December is finally here!

The festive season has begun. It is now acceptable to spend the majority of my evenings in one drinking establishment or the other claiming that I’m allowed another mulled wine on a school night, “because it’s festive!”

I love all things about December! The Christmas tree goes up at home, Christmas cards are exchanged, The Christmas party email is sent and someone randomly starts singing a Christmas song in the office that you cannot get out of your head for the rest of the day! Christmas brings everyone together as a team.

I can safely say that one of the most important things I look for in a new role is that the team ethos is there. Everyone has their own tick list for what they want in their dream role; this much I have learnt from having worked at BCL Legal for just over a month now.

BCL Legal is very good at making sure that we know what each and every candidate needs and wants in their dream role. We know what questions to ask and know how to get to the bottom of what really motivates someone. I personally feel that if you don’t like the team you work in, for example, you are not going to like going to work, you will feel demotivated as a result ergo your work and the business suffers.

Everyone has different motivators and what’s important to one person might not be to the other. Be clear on the type of firm or team you want to work in; be clear on what personalities you work well with and those you don’t. Ask the questions! Most lawyers looking for new roles are after that position that’s going to better them and therefore you need to be sure it’s going to be the right one before you make the move. It is imperative to ask the questions now.

Whilst I am still on a very steep learning curve at BCL legal, one thing I have really taken on board is that “No question is a stupid question!”

Now let the festivities continue!

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