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Do you feel desperate to secure a new legal job?

January's a busy month for job-seeking. And now we're nearing the end of it: all the festive fun seems like a very long time ago and we're right back into the thick of it. The dark mornings and nights are still with us, and hopefully, our new years resolutions are still within our grasp.

Landing a new legal job is at the top of the agenda for a lot of lawyers and some might believe that now it's coming to an end, they've missed out on the best time to do so. Whilst January's the busiest time in legal recruitment (not just lawyer candidate side; our clients are as eager as ever to recruit new people at the beginning of the year), you'll be pleased to know you haven't missed the boat. One of the reasons why January's a busy time is because people like to start as they mean to go on. Don't give up if it hasn't happened yet.

A case of the January blues?

However, for some people a new job's at the top of the agenda due to the January blues. Some people feel desperate to make big changes in their life due to the dark nights and the post-Christmas anti-climax. So, firstly, figure out where you sit. Why? Because no one finds a job overnight. Realistically, the process of securing a new legal job will take you beyond January (and the January blues if you're a sufferer).

Do you know what you're looking for?

Not only will a potential employer law firm and your legal recruiter ask you this several times throughout the job-seeking process, but most importantly, the answer to this question becomes your driving force and your motivation for applying.

What happens if you're unclear...

If you start looking and you're unclear on what your deal-breakers are, the task of securing a job could soon turn out to be more complex and stressful than you initially thought. Reality will always bite once you go to an interview, receive an offer, and it's time to in your notice. Because landing a job doesn’t happen overnight, you need to make sure you're heading into your job-seeking activity with much more than the January blues. It’s a serious and intense process.

How to get clear

Get clear on what you're looking for: is it a total change in direction, a different working environment, more money or a better work/life balance? This is important for focussing on the right roles and ensures the you and your legal recruiter start off on the right foot. With no focus things can get messy - you might end up attending interviews that aren’t quite right for you.

A good place to start because you have to start somewhere...

You need to update your CV, making sure it’s correct, concise and contains the right information for the role you're applying for. Omit irrelevant information and make it as factual as possible. Do a grammar and spell check and read it twice. Don’t be caught out at the first hurdle.

Starting your job search can take longer than a few days; be realistic throughout the process.

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