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Do employers look at my Linked In?

So you have started your journey to find your new dream role you have spent lengthy periods of time articulating and piecing together a very detailed CV to ensure you are showcasing your skills, achievements, experience and attributes in the brightest light possible. You have also had many a lengthy conversation with your recruiter to map together a plan to shortlist the right firms and roles that will put you in good stead and will long term be a part of the jigsaw that has encouraged the further progression of your career. You are feeling confident and excited about securing your first interview request - but wait, what if this interview request doesn’t actually materialise?

It is very important that we put a lot of weight on the reality of how much clout your social media presence has on your reputation as a professional and as a person! If your LinkedIn has incorrect information or the dates of your education, employment dates or qualifications are wrong this reflects on you and your attention to detail as a lawyer. Always remember what you put out on line is a representation of you and should always be accurate in a professional sense to ensure you don’t accidently lose out on employment opportunities by a small mistake due to not paying attention to the small print and finer details… remember you are a lawyer! Small print is very very important and will speak volumes about you.

You would always ensure that your CV is perfect and wouldn’t mix the dates up on your CV so you must treat your online presence as your digital resume and representation of you! Don’t do the hard work and fall at the first hurdle!

To put it in to perspective, a previous report showed the mind boggling traffic and visibility your LinkedIn profile has… which proves how much reach you have worldwide!!

‘LinkedIn had 182 million unique visitors worldwide in Q4 of 2014. LinkedIn is currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms. If you think your ideal client isn’t using LinkedIn, then you are certainly wrong.

Professionals are signing up for an account at a rate of more than 2 members per second. It is more than likely that there are quite a few people out of the millions on LinkedIn who could be a potential client or referral source.

As more and more people create profiles every day, lawyers have an unprecedented opportunity to connect online with people in their target market.’


Another pause for thought…. LinkedIn offers things that one may never be able to show on a traditional CV application. The most important feature during a job search for an experienced candidate would be recommendations and references - what other way to show the world you're good at your job than a good word from colleagues, clients or employers?

It is a fact that employers will search your online presence…. It’s speaks for itself!

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