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Do I love my job?

I really enjoy being a legal recruiter. I take a great pride in my work and being a solid component in the BCL Legal team as a whole and particularly in Birmingham. To love what I do I have to understand what I do, I have to see the value in it. Could this be love?

There are reams of people who will profess to love what they do and love the field they work in. Great! But how much of this is lust? Are you prepared to stand in a room and talk about it, brag about it even? You know those types of people you stumble across whose passion oozes out of them and shines bright – their very presence leaves a standing impression on you and gives you that zest to want to love your job the way they love theirs…! We humans are a fickle breed, easily swayed with short attention spans and a proclivity to take actions on short term joys rather than long term security and happiness.

There is no doubt that real estate is once again a growing market. Both residential and commercial developments on the rise nationwide with Birmingham in particular experiencing a lot of the love. This is truly good news, not just for the firms in Birmingham and across the UK undertaking the work but for all involved and economic growth as a whole and with all of this growth and development comes new jobs. So I ask the question, of candidates and recruiting partners alike; do you love working in residential property? Are you sure?!

Love can be found in the strangest of places, it can happen unexpectedly, yet would we have it any other way? We are driven by success, we are driven by money and we are driven by challenges and adventure. It would appear that all of these things are now being found in the realms of residential property. This could be mistaken for lust, and if the bubble bursts (elections and Brexit are lurking) then we might see the true colours of our love for our work. But for the time being, we’re all smitten.

So, I beg the question, do you really love what you do?

Here’s a simple test:

1. Do you talk about the cool things your firm are doing? 2. Do you think, ‘I hope I get to..’ not ‘I hope I don’t have to’ 3. Do you see your manager as someone you work with? Or work for? 4. Do you actually enjoy your time at work? 5. Would you recommend working at your company to your best friend? 6. Do you clock watch? 7. Do you view success in terms of fulfilment / gratification or simply money?

If you have pondered very few positives when answering the above then maybe I can help steer you to a job you will love… So if you’re a Lawyer within the Private Practice sphere or in-house looking for a new challenge, new adventure (or a new love…) firms are looking to recruit in residential property and other practice areas across all levels from Paralegal to Partner. BCL Legal can help you find that new role and prepare you for the journey.

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