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Do I stay or do I go?

It’s always a tricky situation, if only we all had a crystal ball and could predict how things will turn out. Do I take the gamble and hope this solves all the problems that led to this decision or do I battle it out and hope things do change??

In an increasing difficult and changing insurance market this is a one of the situations most firms dread.

The battle for attracting good Paralegals and Solicitors is ever more challenging so firms will fight hard to keep staff they value. This then leads us on to the dreaded counter offer!

As a recruiter of ten years in this market I have seen this lots of times and it’s always a difficult situation for both parties. Should the candidate be flattered by the attention or scared they are walking into something which might not be as glittering and shiny as they may originally think?

On the one hand as humans we all like to feel appreciated and made to feel wanted. They have now given you what you want, possibly more money, flexibility or better work.

However will all this last? Will your firm follow through with this promise, why did they not offer this before if you were so valued?

Research indicates that, of the people who accept counter offers, nearly 50% return to the jobs market within twelve months.

This can be due to a mountain on reasons, broken promises such as work type, hours etc. but it could also be because the deep routed issues that led to this still haven’t changed. Do you now have a better relationship with your manager, is the caseload remaining smaller and therefore let stressful etc. the list goes on.

Once there is a foot out of the door it is best to move forward and stand firm in your reasons for moving.

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