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Do the maths…then things will add up and fall into place.

When considering a move into a new role it is important to have done the math into how this would affect you and perhaps your family.

This may sound like an obvious thing to do of course you know the level of salary you would need, perhaps comparing this to what you are currently earning, or what you would need to pay the mortgage, bills etc.

However, it may surprise you that some times it is only when as a consultant I ask whether a candidate has actually sat down and done the math of a particular move that a candidate appreciates what the move to that firm would cost.

There have been occasions in the past when a candidate has been delighted at an offer of a particular salary and has been minded to accept. It is when reality dawns of what the cost of the move would make that questions are raised. The salary offered could be more than what they were on before, but given a number of factors simply just could not work.

The commute may cause an increase in petrol and the cost of parking could have a substantial effect. Also, working hours/days could cause a change in your childcare cost.

Firms offer a variety of packages, some may include added benefits such as free parking, childcare vouchers and bonuses that make the role work financially for you.

It is important to assess what you are currently receiving, how this works and what is on offer and how you could make this work. This is why as your consultant I will not just talk to you about the role itself but also on what is important and necessary financially for the needs of you and your family. Moving to a new firm is a big step and I will talk to you through what the right move would be for you, how this can work and add value to your career move.

Here at BCL I focus on private practice recruitment in the East Midlands and Home Counties, specialising in recruiting partners, directors, senior associates, associates, solicitors and newly qualified solicitors of across all commercial disciplines.

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