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Do you love your job?

With Valentine's Day on everyone’s minds, love is surely in the air for the month of February. Which got me thinking that, for those without a special person in their life at this time of year, what else provides life’s love and excitement? Spending so much time at work, surely one must really love their job, because if you don’t, life is going to be pretty depressing, isn’t it?! But - do you love your job?

Is there one thing that you could change which would make your current position your dream job? Perhaps you would like more client contact, a greater degree of autonomy, better promotion prospects? Or maybe greater flexibility in your working environment would be the icing on the cake? Working from home part time could provide you with just the flexibility you need and relieve stress that you didn't even know existed. Whatever you identify as being the missing magic ingredient in your current job, why not see whether there is another opportunity out there that ticks all the boxes for you and which could really provide you with a job that you love because, after all, we all spend too much time at work to settle for second best don't we?!

To see what great job opportunities are out there for you, why not give me a call on 0121 230 1023 for an initial conversation in strict confidence? I place solicitors and legal executives into private practice across the West and South Midlands (Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire) and the Thames Valley (Oxfordshire and Berkshire) in a wide range of disciplines to include commercial property, corporate, employment, commercial litigation, property litigation, construction, private client and family law and would be delighted to assist you in that all important move to your dream job.

In fact, if you have a desire to secure a new job anywhere in England, either in private practice or in-house, then the team at BCL Legal would love to help you. As the largest independent legal recruitment consultancy in the UK, who better to find you a job you can truly say you love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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