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Does an in house legal career beckon?...don’t let you legal discipline put you off

Happy New Year

I hope that during your New Years’ considerations, you have given some thought to whether a role as an in house lawyer may be for you.

Should you be starting out in your career, you may believe, that in order to be considered for a career as an in house lawyer, it is paramount that you have at some stage following qualification focussed on commercial law. Whilst it is not at all naïve to think that it is important to have a background and/or interest in the commercial world of business out there in order to secure an in house role, recent trends have highlighted that more and more companies are being open minded in relation to an individual’s legal skillset, especially where the legal knowledge is particularly relevant to the nature of the client’s business.

Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that the following disciplines can be a valuable foundation for a role as an in house lawyer; corporate; commercial property; litigation; construction and commercial.

Recently, a lawyer with a background in pensions has secured her first in house role and our clients are also looking for those with a background in construction or commercial property to make that first move in house in their respective organisations.

Accordingly, should you be a junior lawyer who is considering a move in house or a lawyer who has trained in a non commercial discipline, it is worthwhile to get in contact with us in order to help you understand your options in relation to the in house market.

For more information please contact Joanne McKernan or visit our website BCL Legal.

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