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Does size matter?

I recruit within conveyancing and when speaking to my candidates it seems that size definitely does matter! People tend to have pre conceived ideas about very large power houses or small high street firms.

As I represent all of the above and everything in between, I’m going to be diplomatic, sit on the fence and say there is something out there for everyone and not to pigeonhole yourself to one or the other. As they say, a change is as good as a rest…

Here are a few reasons why both are a very good option when deciding on your next career move…

Large… It has been doing something right to have grown to the size it is in the first place!

You become part of a large community and such networks are invaluable

The ability to change jobs, often multiple times whilst staying with the same firm and therefore having a more stable career history still showing progression

Opportunity to move to various locations as most large firms have offices nationally or even globally and exposure to international work

Lots of perks from in house training academies, on site restaurants, gyms and an endless list of benefits

v’s small… The ability to make changes very quickly and be more innovative without this being a costly process

The feeling of being a part of a family is also an advantage smaller firms have and in many cases they are truly both a family member and a part of the family business

Being closer to the customer is important for success in business and a smaller firm can often be closer to the customer as the relationship with the client is developed between fewer people

A leaner structure meaning fewer layers of management, which can make decision times much quicker allowing for flexibility and adaptability

Basically, my advice to anyone currently on the lookout for a new role would be to consider both options because the majority of time candidates tend to surprise themselves by finding that their least favourite option actually turned out to be their number one. And this is very much down to the people they meet at the interview and the team they will work with every day. Not how many employees are in the building!

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