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Don’t be a mouse – Stand out.

So you are seeking your next role, you have spoken to numerous agents, you are sifting through more job descriptions than you can care to remember and you have finally landed that interview at your dream firm. But are you prepared?

Interview techniques are key to make sure you land that dream job, most importantly you need to make the interviewer think, you won’t get any prizes for sitting back in the chair and only answering straight forward competency based questions.

The best way to do this is to not sit back and be meek – ask questions outside of the usual interview probes. Think about the pain behind the reason the firm have you sat in the chair ie. why they are looking to recruit, and match their reason to why you want to join them. How can you be the solution to ease their pains and ultimately give you that dream role that you have always wanted.

Once you understand the pains, you can effectively sell your strengths to the interviewer on how you would be the right hire and solution for their needs.

Interviewers immediately forget you when you don’t make them think! Make them think, inspire them to want you to solve their needs and in return, invest in your career progression and your future.

So, when you are preparing for your next interview, aside from your usual preparation – think that you have two goals:

1. Get the interviewer thinking, by asking smart and strategic questions.

2. Use the generic interview script as a spring board to probe further behind the need for a new hire, which will result in you engaging the interviewer and to get them thinking!

If you wish to discuss how your interview preparation can be more strategic and make your interviews stand out and count and maybe shall we say … more intriguing, then please do not hesitate to contact Grace Homer at BCL Legal on 0121 237 5613.

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