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Don’t believe everything you hear

We were having a discussion in the office the other day about the upcoming election on Europe. To stay or to leave that is the big question. What struck me as interesting in this conversation and from other conversations with friends and family, old and young was how much people can often be influenced by the opinions of others – friends, family, colleagues. Clearly these are people we hold in high regard and so feel a lot more comfortable trusting their views and opinions, more so than politicians. Given the amount of propaganda and smear campaigns amidst in the current “BREXIT” debate that is hardly surprising.

It made me think how this translates to our lives in general. Would you make other decisions purely based on what other people told you? For example, would you choose your next holiday destination based simply on the fact that your best friend had just come back from there and told you it was amazing? Probably not. If you are like me you would do a bit more digging; check out online reviews, look at various websites in order to make an informed decision as to whether it was right for you.

With this in mind, I find it pretty staggering that on a regular basis I talk to legal professionals who will refuse to consider a new opportunity purely on the basis that they have heard “bad things about that firm” or “they knew someone who used to work there and didn’t like it”. Granted the legal community is extremely close knit and notorious for being a rumour mill (whoever came up with the fluoridation website has made a living out of this!) but whatever happened to making an informed and independent decision? Its part of a solicitors day job to be informed, gather all the facts before you advise your client. So why would you do anything different when it comes to your career. After all this is your career, not your friends, not your colleagues and what wasn’t right for them might be perfect for you.

At BCL we are here to discuss all the options with you. We have a pretty unique process. By taking the time at the outset to understand your situation we can identify what it is you are looking for in your next role. We will then present you with all the options we consider will offer you what you are looking for – i.e. the solution to your problem. In return we recommend you explore all those options, do your own research, go to an interview and meet the people you would be working with. Don’t dismiss something off the bat because the chap who used to sit next to you once told you he’d heard that the firm in question had really high chargeable hours!!

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