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Don’t believe the hype

It is not unusual for people to refuse certain firms because of their so called ‘reputation’.

Whilst we can not deny what we see and hear in the press, when decisions are based on ‘hearsay’ and not personal experience, it is well worth exploring and asking the advice of your recruiter. People leave firms for a reason, the firm may not be their cup of tea or visa versa and the only feedback you are likely to get is negative. There may be a whole host of positive benefits which you don’t get to hear about. Only this week in attending a meeting with one of our clients we discovered breakfast is paid for every Friday, fresh fruit is delivered every week, gym membership is complimentary, parking is free on site and the list goes on. This is of course in addition to a transparent bonus, achievable progression and the opportunity of applying for a training contract if preferred from the moment you step through the door.

Redundancies can often lead to scepticism but make sure you explore the full story; it isn’t always negative. Restructuring for the good of the business can create opportunities for those with drive and ambition. At BCL Legal we pride ourselves on giving you a true and honest picture of any firm we run past you. We take the time to find out what pushes your buttons and what really is your ‘picture’. We listen. If you are uncertain about a particular firm find out for yourself, what have you got to lose? An interview is good practice and we wouldn’t have suggested it if we didn’t think it could offer you something different.

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