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Don’t discredit more expensive experience over cheap youth…experience is worth its weight in gold

As the candidate pool grows tighter with each month so do the number of roles which have to show more flex in their specification. From the large internationals to the smaller high street practices, firms have to be more creative with what they are looking for.

Back in the day we would see firms saying that they could look more junior but not more senior; the old phrase “you buy cheap, you buy often” was never more appropriate. However, we are beginning to see firms see the value in experience, they are now courting experienced workers who know how the world works, who are not afraid of rolling their sleeves up and are keen to “muck in”.

The move marks a major reversal of fortune for our “older” workers, they maybe suffered during the last recession and have been hit by age bias in the hiring process but now companies are finding that many of these workers bring valuable experience and skills to the table and they are maybe not as expensive as first thought...take a chance, they could be worth their weight in gold.

We help all kinds of firms and all kinds of individuals find suitable roles, we also offer countrywide coverage meaning that there is usually a role or candidate that could be of interest.

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