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The Do's and Don'ts of legal recruitment...

Do get to know your candidates. It's important to take the time to really understand your candidates; what are their current frustrations, what are their aspirations, what motivates them (£, title, quality of work?), what do they love to do and what don't they enjoy, what does their home life look like, do they need flexibility in their work... explore it all.

Do offer up opportunities that fit your candidate.

Do be transparent with your candidates about what will be expected of them in roles they are exploring. An 8am-8pm expectation isn't going to work for lawyers with young children whereas a role at a firm with a genuinely flexible approach to working patterns and remote working could make a huge difference.

Do fully prepare your candidates for interviews; ensue they know who they are meeting, what the role entails, what the culture of the firm looks like, the expected format of the interview. Arm them with all of the necessary info and encourage them to do their own research about the firm too.

Do make yourself accessible at times to suit your candidates; mornings, lunch times, evenings... open plan offices do nothing to enhance a job search!

Do get as much feedback as possible from firms following interviews so that you can pass full and honest feedback on to your candidates. Sometimes feedback can be harsh or personal but it can only help for the next interview!

And now the Don'ts...

Don't ignore what your candidates tell you. Understand their position and offer up opportunities that will suit.

Don't pressure your candidates to apply for roles that aren't right for them. If you genuinely believe it is a good fit and your candidate is wavering then encourage an initial interview to find out more but don't put pressure on progressing beyond that if your candidate isn't feeling it.

Don't EVER send your candidate's CV to a firm without having a discussion about the role and obtaining express consent to do so.

Don't send your candidate's CV out speculatively to every firm in the city. Chances are there won't be a suitable role and your candidate's CV will end up looking stale if resubmitted when a role does come up.

Don't pressure your candidate to accept the first offer they get. We are working in a buoyant market where candidates often have many interviews going on and multiple offers. Give your candidate the space to fully explore their options and time to rule them out from an informed standpoint. A reasonable employer will appreciate that this is an important move for your candidate and allow sufficient time for your candidate to see other processes through. There is not an assumption that a firm is second choice if a job isn't accepted immediately, rather that your candidate is highly sought after and keen to make a considered decision. At BCL Legal we manage this sometimes delicate process for our candidates and clients. A candidate will generally sense if the pressure to accept a job is coming from the recruitment consultant rather than the employer and it can sour a good relationship.

If you are considering a move or looking to recruit then please contact Angharad Warren at BCL Legal. We work in the best interests of our candidates and clients to help get the perfect match.

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