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Dreaming of holidays and cocktails on the beach……

I am, are you?? It’s that time of year when I can’t help but imagine myself laid elegantly on the beach, sipping a cool and refreshing cocktail with a gentle breeze, a good book, a beautiful view and the melodic sound of the waves lapping the shore. However with two children under six my reality is definitely going to be much more chasing after them up and down the beach and making sure my two year old doesn’t eat her own body weight in sand! Oh, and not even a sniff of a cocktail until the sun has set (well maybe one, just to be sociable!)

But as your holiday comes to an end, will you be looking forward to getting back to the day job? We all suffer a little from post holiday blues, but if the thought of returning to work fills you with dread, it is definitely time to consider a job move!

This is the perfect time to be considering what is available to you. Despite Brexit rumbling on in the background, we continue to be exceptionally busy with new vacancies with all types of law firm, big and small across all legal disciplines and locations. It’s still very much business as usual as far as the vast majority of our clients are concerned.

Tackle your job search in the same way you research your holiday destinations (unless you are one of those who stick a pin in a map, and hey presto you’re off to whatever delight it’s landed on!!)…Speak to an expert. Here at BCL Legal there is over 40 of them, each a fountain of knowledge in their market and on hand to help you consider all the options available to you.

For further information, please call Joanne Lack, Senior Associate at BCL Legal who specialises in residential property across the East Midlands and Northern Home Counties region, on 0121 237 5610 or email

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