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Emerging market for second career lawyers

The Legal world is forever evolving and embracing change and leading defendant clinical negligence firms across the nation recruiting second career lawyers is a massive testament to this evolution.

Just recently I came across an interesting read in the Gazette that highlights how the legal sector are ready to welcome second career lawyers into the profession. Please click on the link below to read the full article however in short the article talks about a litigant in person and how instrumental they were in conducting their own appeal against medical giants the GMC. The judge was impressed at the way in which the surgeon presented his case and the measured approach he took, which any member of the bar would have commended.

I specialise in defendant clinical negligence recruitment across the Midlands and Hampshire and work with national leading firms that undertake high value and often complex litigated cases referred from the NHSLA, MPS, NHS trusts and other public sectors. Albeit these top tier insurance firms will recruit solicitors that have gone down the traditional route to qualify as a solicitor they are now keen to speak to second career lawyers.

I have personally secured interviews for second career lawyers at leading defendant insurance firms that have in their first career worked as a medical professional but have trained and qualified as a clinical negligence solicitor with a claimant firm.

I have learnt from speaking with recruiting partners in clinical negligence teams that they appreciate medical professionals bring with them a wealth of knowledge, understanding of medicine, their own experience of having worked in that environment and the impact a negligence claim can have on a medical professional. For this reason partners from panel firms are actively encouraging second career lawyers to apply, especially if you have links to the medical profession either personally or if you have a family member or friend that works in that industry and you are keen to specialise in defendant clinical negligence work.

If you have recently switched career paths and have qualified as a solicitor with a seat in insurance litigation, clinical negligence or personal injury and would be keen to find out more about suitable opportunities please contact BCL Legal or call 0161 819 7475 for a private and confidential chat.

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