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Ever heard of Nottingham?

I have heard some debate recently about Nottingham as it appears to be overlooked when people are thinking about relocation within the UK. So here are some facts about Nottingham…

  1. Nottingham has been named as one of the top 10 legal centres in the UK. The City now sits alongside Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol. When comparing the population of Nottingham (280,000) to that of Birmingham (1m), I say well done to Nottingham!
  2. The Junior Lawyers Division in Nottingham is one of the most active JLDs nationally. The JLD represents and promotes the interest of junior lawyers in Nottinghamshire and throughout the local business community. They have organised a wide range of events including sporting events, social events and pizza making!
  3. The faculty of Nottingham Law School was known for developing and creating the Legal Practice Course. The Law School has been given the top “Excellent” rating by the Law Society every year since its inception. It also has a significant reputation for research particularly in insolvency and international criminal justice
  4. But it’s not just about law; Nottingham is full of very fashionable people. Nottingham Trent University has one of the most established fashion design course in the WORLD.
  5. Some amazing UK film and TV hails from Nottingham; Bullseye and Supermarket Sweep were both filmed in Nottingham and Batman has frequented the city as The Dark Knight Rises was filmed in Wollaton Hall
  6. Notts County Football Club is the oldest professional football team in the world starting in 1861, with Nottingham Forest following not long after in 1865. The footballing influence of Nottingham actually reaches internationally as Juventus FC paid homage to Notts County with their black and white striped strip, and a Nottingham man, Herbert Kilpin, co-founded AC Milan
  7. Nottingham is stacked full of history. It was the starting point for the Civil War, the birthplace of the Luddite movement and the home of our favourite outlaw Robin Hood
  8. Boasting two Universities, Nottingham is one of the youngest cities in Britain. At last count, around 50% of the population were under 30
  9. Nottingham is a real life phoenix rising from the ashes. Once voted one of the worst places to live in the UK and in 2006 being the crime capital of England & Wales, Nottingham has truly reinvented itself. Crime has now more than halved and the economy has diversified holding onto large FTSE 100 corporations such as Boots, and gaining those of Experian, Eon, Capital One, Vision Express and XMA
  10. Nottingham used to struggle in terms of location as its not really classed as North or South, however now it’s quite literally the centre of the Universe. The regeneration of the train station means you can get to London in 2 hours, and the upgrade of the A453 makes the connection to the M1 easier. Nottingham also has the largest fleet of electric buses in Europe and a tramline that covers 19 miles

Now who wants to live in Nottingham?

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