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What to expect from an interview process

Interviews. Some people genuinely love them (I imagine that these are the people who enjoyed tests when they were at school). Other people can find them quite daunting – and in some instances it can make the job search suddenly seem frightfully real.

The reality is that interviews are a very exciting part of the process. It’s at this point of the process that the firm have made it clear that your experience is interesting to them – and they want to get to know you a bit better. It’s also the best opportunity to go in for a fact-finding mission of your own – you get to see the offices, see how they operate in their own environment and hear more about the type of work, the team and the plans for growth. Ultimately, an interview is about both sides learning more about each other – and trying to find out if working together would be a win.

Recently, I have had a couple of candidates hesitant to go forward for interviews on the basis that they have had the firm on the other side – and have felt that it’s “not the environment for them.” At BCL Legal we genuinely do want to place you in the right role – and we appreciate the importance of getting the fit right. That being said, I don’t think that it is right to come to a decision without having a meeting. Recently I had to point out to a candidate that when the firm has been on the other side of the matter they do also have to do their job – which can involve tenacity when negotiating!

My best advice when it comes to interviews is taking them as a learning experience. You can learn more about the firm, you can perfect your interview style and sometimes they can be a brilliant opportunity to gain experience in interviewing. Talking about oneself doesn’t always come as second nature to people – but it is an invaluable skill.

At BCL Legal we make it out mission to make you feel as prepared as possible for your interviews. We will happily meet you both before and after, will give you as much guidance as to what to expect and we will give you as much of an inside track on the firm as possible.

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