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Factors to consider before you attend an interview

As we all know, people leave jobs for various reasons: location, money, progression, to secure a new challenge and so on.

If you decide to enter into the recruitment process, make sure to ask yourself: are you attending an interview because you want the job or do you see it as a drill/you’re going to see what happens? Either is fine, the key here is to be upfront and honest with yourself.

As a specialist in residential property, it’s my job to inform my candidates about what’s available in the market and to provide them with opportunities. I present facts about firms but it’s your job (excuse the pun!), as the job seeker, to do your research and think about what’s important to/for you; after all, it’s your career, not mine.

For example, if childcare’s currently sorted but you have to change up days or even nursery location for a new role, will this be OK?

The recruitment process is two way and as much as I want to help you if it’s going to come down to number crunching so that a new role can work, make sure you know your numbers. If not, both parties are left feeling disgruntled and the whole thing falls through. Below are some factors to consider before attending an interview.


Will the new role give you more money or less? Think about childcare, exams that might have been funded by a firm, commuting and what your current benefits package looks like.

You need to be thorough and clear on the exact figures. I can help you and offer advice but there’s no point saying you want X to go away and realise you want Y.

Remember, firms like to keep costs down, so what you say goes and honesty is always the best policy.

Team fit

Have you thought about your team: do you like it? If so, great! Why? Or perhaps you don’t like it and you want to part of a smaller or bigger team? Either way, know what the team is like at the workplace you’re interviewing at.


Previously, you worked 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you haven’t done your research so you turn up to your new job and the firm’s contractual hours are 9 a.m. – 5.15 p.m. This becomes a problem when you have children to pick up or you need to be home for your Tuesday night commitments.

We’ll always tell you about hours so make sure to take this on board – don’t overlook these details in the excitement of landing a new position.

Likes and dislikes

Always check you’ve taken a step back and thought about what you like and dislike. Ask yourself what you’re motivated by and what makes you get up in the morning. I can’t stress how important this is and how often it’s forgotten about.

There are plenty more factors to consider when interviewing – I’ve only listed a few. For any kind of interview advice, or if you’d like to speak in confidence about your job search, then please get in touch on 07530 737 186.

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