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Fake News Facebook - Time to move on?

Questions we've been asking ourselves...

1) How did they let this happen?

2) Did they influence election results?

3) Should we boycott Facebook?

The simplistic answers seem to be...

1) They did it in pursuit of profits

2) Yes, they did

3) No, not really

The real question should be, how can some people let ‘fake news’ influence their electoral decision? How did they allow Facebook, of all things, to become a source for fact and opinion?!

A time and a place

Now, I’m all for social media: it’s a great thing to keep in touch with friends and family in a world that's constantly changing. But we need to use square pegs in square holes: social media for everything social, and the news (of course) for keeping up with major world events. Let's rely upon the experts. That’s why we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water - there's no need to ditch Facebook. But we do need to use the right tools at the right times! This includes job hunting.

We're your experts

Yes. We're experts in placing qualified lawyers into roles with private practice firms and in-house clients. Our consultants provide an unbeatable service by focusing on disciplines and location. I, for example, help place litigation, employment and family solicitors into private practice roles in the South (of England).

This is something that helps both the candidate and client. We know our discipline and areas – we don’t have a go and give you ‘fake jobs or candidates’ or try to influence your opinion without merit. We're honest and hardworking and always ensure a candidate is put forward to roles that match their skill-set, and clients are being introduced to candidates who want to work there; who fit the bill in terms of experience, expertise, level and salary.

Just like Facebook, don’t try to put square pegs into round holes. If you have a desire to consider options and/or need help with legal recruitment please contact Vin Murria at BCL Legal.

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