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Farewell BCL Legal!

As I sit here writing what will be my final blog as a consultant at BCL Legal, it does feel a little strange as this is the end of an era. It has definitely been an incredible two and a half years and to reflect back now at how my goals have changed from when I first started BCL Legal is quite interesting.

Having worked at BCL Legal since May 2013 it has been an interesting time, not only to see BCL Legal grow but to also see the changes in myself and how my goals and aspirations have evolved. When I first started in the Birmingham office there were only four consultants and now two and a half years later there is a great team of ten consultants. We’ve also had an office move thrown in for good measure to support this growth.

When I first started at BCL Legal I was focussed on one thing and one thing only….buying a house and doing the grown up thing of settling down. That was my main driver for a very long time and it was not until recently that I made a life changing decision to move to Canada. There were a number of motivators that made me do this but I honestly don’t think I would have been strong enough to make such a jump if it wasn’t for my time here.

I will be sad to leave BCL Legal as it has been a fantastic place to work but I felt that if I didn’t take this massive leap of faith now, I would never do it and I didn’t want to look back in 10 years time and think ‘what if’? I mean, who wouldn’t want to go chase bears in the mountains and spend Christmas in Whistler?

If you are seeking a career in legal recruitment, I couldn’t recommend BCL Legal more highly enough! If you are interested in hearing more about a career as a recruitment consultant, then get in touch with our training coordinator, Amy Martin at BCL Legal.

Farewell BCL Legal, it’s been emotional!

Chantel Gallagher- Consultant

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