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Feedback is knowledge…..why it’s important to provide feedback as part of the interview process.

It is perhaps surprising that a large proportion of candidates will only find out how well they have performed at interview when an offer is on the table. At this point it is clear that they have done well but what about those candidates who did not get offered the role.

Helping candidates understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie is an important part of the interview process, without providing feedback the process has been left incomplete.

Did the candidate underperform? In what areas did they do well? Where do they need to improve? These are all questions which will assist the candidate in future job applications. It can be as simple as a bad first impression, how the candidate dealt with the interviewers, would they be able to represent the firm when dealing with clients through to a lack of technical knowledge.

In the same way candidates providing feedback to the interviewing firm is just as valuable. This is information which enables firms to gain a better understanding of how they come across to candidates, if you then chose to use this information to your advantage it can only assist to raise your firm’s profile and to ensure the best impression is given to the candidates that interview with you in the future.

Providing feedback in a timely manner will not only assist the candidate in moving forward with their job search, it will also give a good impression of the interviewing firm and conclude the interview process for both the firm and the candidate.

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