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Fewer opportunities to move up, so workers are choosing to move on

“A lack of progression opportunities is now the main driver for people seeking employment elsewhere – and is even more important than money” states an article in the Evening Standard this week. It goes on: “Just over half of British workers say that they move on because they could not move up”, according to new research.

A pay rise was cited by just under 35% of those surveyed as the reason behind seeking a new role. The problem is being caused by increasingly flat organisational structures, with fewer middle management layers and therefore fewer positions for people to be promoted into which according to the research leaves “highly qualified staff on the same level as colleagues with significantly less experience”.

BCL Legal’s view on the above especially when focusing on the in-house market is that this rings true when considering why in-house lawyers look for their next move. Given that most in-house lawyers work for large and well known organisations their requirement is for a ‘step-up’ role as opposed to say working for a bigger brand/ looking purely for more money. Having said that most lawyers do recognise that with increased responsibilities comes a higher remuneration package.

Coming back to the point about money, as a seasoned recruiter I am always wary of the job seeker who cites money as the sole focus for a move. The simple reason being that when it comes to resigning it is very easy for a business to throw money at the situation to help make the individual stay.

Where I believe the in-house legal recruitment team benefit our clients most is knowing and understanding what the lawyers that we represent feel is a ‘step up’. This has led to over 90% of the lawyers that we place staying for 4 years or longer in the roles that we place them. A stat that we are very proud of.

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