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Fight or Flight – Why would you stick at a job you do not love?

Stamina and resilience are strengths which get sports players through tough matches and the military through times of conflict. Both strengths are also present in lawyers who work in roles they do not love, otherwise why would they get up everyday and go into work?

I speak to lawyers everyday who say “oh I’m not actively looking but….” Or “I just wondered who the role is with….” Each time I hear this it is obvious that there is something making them want to move but they have no idea or no plan of how to do it.

All good ideas and plans should not be about having passion and belief alone but be based on evidence. They also need those delivering them to have the strength of character not to follow the crowd but the ability and willingness to be different, as Henry Ford once said “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Sometimes it is not always possible to move straight into the perfect job, but what is always possible is to have the foresight and ability to take small forward steps and formulate a formulate a plan, making yourself a list of what is most important to you from your work. You also need to be committed and understand that you are making the right move in an attempt to make your life and career better.

It would also be wise to speak to a professional who plans and helps with these kinds of things each day, from an informed and unbiased position because are you better off doing something that makes you miserable, or planning what you should do next? For more information please contact BCL Legal or email us on – we might well be able to help.

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