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Find a new job, take the pain away

As I sit here looking out of the window of BCL Legal’s Birmingham office thinking about legal recruitment it occurs to me that I can no longer see or hear the sea gulls (they are just called gulls apparently, google it) that have been soaring the sky's of Birmingham all summer.

The staff of BCL Legal Birmingham all became rather familiar with these creatures a couple of months ago (via google) after one of our legal recruitment consultants was attacked by a particularly fearsome specimen who left its anger all over his nice suit. I found this episode hilarious but then I found out that the gulls some how hear your laughter and seek you out and take vengeance upon your person from a great height (3 times in fact since my colleague’s misfortune). It got me thinking. I have been walking around Birmingham a lot more at ease for the past week and I realised why, no gulls!

In our line of work we assist lawyers in finding new legal jobs, thankfully for BCL Legal we more often than not find the right legal job for lawyers who register with us. Often when we catch up with lawyers we have placed into new roles a few months after they've started we hear them say "I've been so happy, I enjoy the law again and now I realise why". A person’s happiness is a personal thing but often it’s born out of a realisation that they identified what was making them feel uncomfortable and the pain has been take away in joining a new firm. Much like me realising why I like walking around Birmingham again is because the root of my pain has gone, the gulls of Birmingham are no longer flying around looking for me (at least for a few months anyway)!

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