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How to find a new job

I would say two of my favourite past times are cooking and socialising, I really do enjoy hosting a good dinner party with my nearest and dearest.

I tend to find I have my most creative inspiration whilst on the train home of an evening where I’ll spend time searching for recipe ideas (can be a lengthy search keeping in mind who I’m catering for and what they do and don’t like) and themes for my next party.

I like to have a theme of cuisine for the evening – I have friends who will say, Grace – really all that preparation and forward thinking, you need to be so organised and make sure you have the right recipes. Why don’t we just get a take away and I’ll bring over a bottle of wine?”

My reply … “Never!”

It’s the preparation, searching for recipes and creating that I enjoy. I like to make the evening feel special.

One might consider recruitment to be very similar to cooking, for example if you skip the basics, ignore recipe guidelines and miss out key vital components to the creation then you could end up with a right Eton Mess! Excusing the pun and jokes aside, the process you follow to find your new job is very similar to that of a recipe – if you mix the right ingredients in with the right audience you will surely be able to end up creating something very special.

Just like cooking a scrumptious meal and baking a fabulous cake this process requires preparation, you need to spend the right amount of time on the key components / understand the job specification and needs of the both the business and the candidate – even the aspects of the process you can’t see are crucial. Imagine making a cake and forgetting the egg?? The whole recipe crumbles! And this is exactly the same with recruitment and finding your next role, don’t skip the basics… be seamless and have a clear plan and objectives. Nothing can be overlooked.

So If you’re a Lawyer within the Private Practice sphere or in-house looking for a new challenge, new adventure (or a new recipe ideas…) firms are looking to recruit in residential property and other practice areas across all levels from Paralegal to Partner. BCL Legal can help you find that new role and prepare you for the journey.

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