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First day nerves

So, you think the hard part of getting a new job is the interview process? Well, yes that is a particular challenge and well worth a glass or three to celebrate once the offer is signed and sealed however first day nerves and associated anxieties during the course of the notice period can be an issue regardless of where you are on your career ladder. Joanne Lack, Senior Associate with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers advice on how to handle first day nerves….

Thoughts of your ‘first day’ are full of anxiety …what to wear, what time to leave home so as not to be late, will the team be friendly, will you be able to absorb all the information thrown at you during your induction, and inevitably will you be any good ?? This binge thinking will inevitably lead to moments of panic in the early hours leading up to your first day and can easily make you a nervous wreck, perhaps even make you re-consider your decision to leave - better the devil you know and all that! The trick is to realise these thoughts are all normal and to embrace them, face your fears!

Never consider your first day to be the norm. The first day, first week, first month, even the first six months are not generally a true reflection on what the job/people/firm are like in reality. Your insecurities will be running wild during this time so take the time to really settle in before making judgement. This thinking time is essential in order for you to form a rational opinion. Don’t feel like you need to know everything and everyone after day 1! Take one day at a time, your confidence will increase with each passing day and before you know it, you will be up and running and will no longer feel like the ‘new person’.

As a recruiter we talk from experience. We know how hard first days can be from your point of view as well as actually experiencing it first hand – we recruiters have first days too! Whether this is your first or tenth job move, starting a new job is never easy and there will be a massive learning curve, full of highs and lows regardless of the type of role. Feel positive that everyone at some time or another will be in exactly the same situation and look forward to the challenge and rewards that your new job will bring!

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